Airtech Pty Ltd
attn. Barry Machin
971 South Road
Melrose Park SA 5039

17 April 1998

Dear Barry,

The installation of the air conditioning system has now been completed. Unfortunately, we have discovered a number of problems, some of them serious.

As you will be aware, we have retained the sum of $200 from the invoice pending repairs to the plasterwork caused while installing the control unit and switches. In view of the surprising extent of the damage caused, I do not believe that your people will be able to perform the repair to our satisfaction. This repair requires some paint work, and I suspect it will be difficult to match the colour of the wall. I had therefore intended to call in a specialist in this area. If you wish, of course, we will let your people do it, but this could prove to be a waste of time for all concerned.

We have also had some problems with the unit itself: the circuit breaker has tripped twice. I attribute this to incorrect dimensioning. Although the compressor is rated at 23.8 A, your electrician installed a 20 A circuit breaker, although I drew his attention to this problem before he started. Please correct this problem as quickly as possible. I am going overseas for two weeks starting on Sunday, 19th April, and my wife is concerned that she will have difficulty if the unit malfunctions again.

In addition, Jeff, the electrician, told me just before leaving that it was not permissible to turn the dampers on while the unit was running, since they could burn out. If I were to do so, the guarantee would be invalidated.

I find this unacceptable for two reasons: firstly, there should be no reason to build or furnish dampers like this. Secondly, any such information should be supplied in writing. I am not sure whether this information is correct. Please confirm or deny it. If there are any other unwritten things I should know about the unit, please let me know in writing.

These are relatively small matters. What concerns me much more are the following:

Clearly, we need to come to an agreement about these problems. I am sure that they can be solved: the air conditioning systems of large office buildings do not have this kind of problem. I would appreciate your feedback by the time of my return at the beginning of May.


Greg Lehey