Airtech Pty Ltd
attn. Barry Machin
971 South Road
Melrose Park SA 5039

2 June 1998

Dear Barry,

On the 17th April I had cause to send you a letter describing various problems we have had with the air conditioning system you installed that week. With the exception of the damage done during installation and the incorrectly rated circuit breaker, none of these problems have been resolved, nor do I have a reply to my letter. Instead, on the 7th May, we experienced severe icing of the unit, which caused it to become almost completely ineffective. I called you the following day, and you promised to ``look into'' it and contact me. In fact, Jeff came along on Monday, the 11th, and confirmed that the pressure in the system was still within limits. I have had no further communication.

We are very dissatisfied with this state of affairs, and consider you in breach of contract. From your offer letter, which we consider part of the contract, we note:

I believe ducted air conditioning to be the most expensive of the alternatives which were open to us, with the possible exception of individual room air conditioning. At this price, I expect superior performance. The unit you installed does not match up to the performance of much cheaper alternatives. In particular:

I do not know of any other mechanical heating alternative available which delivers such poor results. Even the cheap fan heaters we used last winter (total investment for 5 rooms of $160) perform better. A more reasonable solution with gas heating would have been much cheaper than the unit you installed.

In my opinion, the problems can be solved. The main cause of the problems is an inadequate control unit which is not able to measure the temperatures in the other zones, nor to control the dampers. A control unit with these capabilities would also be able to control the temperatures in the other zones. In addition, of course, it would be necessary to remove the ``constant zone'', since otherwise temperature control in this area would become impossible.

I remind you again of my request for comment on the other point I mentioned in my letter of the 17th April:

In addition, Jeff, the electrician, told me just before leaving that it was not permissible to turn the dampers on while the unit was running, since they could burn out. If I were to do so, the guarantee would be invalidated.

I find this unacceptable for two reasons: firstly, there should be no reason to build or furnish dampers like this. Secondly, any such information should be supplied in writing. I am not sure whether this information is correct. Please confirm or deny it. If there are any other unwritten things I should know about the unit, please let me know in writing.


Greg Lehey