Airtech Pty Ltd
attn. Barry Machin
971 South Road
Melrose Park SA 5039

1 December 1998

Dear Barry,

As discussed on the phone yesterday, I'm attaching a plan of the new part of the house with sufficient of the old plan to enable you to relate its position. We plan to use the existing unit for cooling only in the extension. We appreciate that there may be a problem cooling the entire house with the current unit, but on the other hand we note that at no time in the last summer did the temperature in the house exceed 27 without air conditioning. The biggest problem I see will be keeping the back part of the extension cool without more sophisticated control methods. In this connection, I would ask you to ensure that the dampers are capable of frequent opening and closing while the unit is operating. .P In addition, I remind you of the following still unresolved problems:

We agreed that you would get the manufacturer to look at the thermostat issues in the immediate future.


Greg Lehey