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Friday, 17 August 2018 Dereel Images for 17 August 2018
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Huevos a la tigre again
Topic: food and drink, opinion Link here

Another attempt at huevos a la tigre today. The big issue is still cooking the eggs correctly, with yolks soft and whites firm but not leathery.

Today I added another variable: a new serving dish of roughly appropriate proportions. Heat the mixture in the microwave oven to about 72° and then add the eggs, heat at 600 W for another two minutes with a cover on the dish. Leave to stand for 2 to 3 minutes. The result:

This should be Heuvos-a-la-tigre.jpeg.  Is it missing?
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Doesn't that look nice? Well, yes, until you realize that the space between the two eggs is covered in completely raw egg white. And the yolks were firm. At least nothing was leathery.

Clearly this is more of a problem than I had expected. How do I proceed? One possibility would be to group the yolks in the middle and the whites towards the outside. Another would be, of course, to just do it in an oven, as the recipe intended, and to ensure that it doesn't get hot enough to turn the eggs to leather.

Object storage, day 3
Topic: technology, opinion Link here

Overnight my syncing of the data to DigitalOcean completed. How many errors? Who knows? Re-ran the sync operation and was reassured by the fact that nothing else was copied, so I started copying this century's photos. But I'm still getting these request failures and timeouts:

upload: 'grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg' -> 's3://lemis/grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg'  [8 of 42]
 317099 of 317099   100% in    0s   516.75 kB/s  failed
WARNING: Upload failed: /grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg (('The read operation timed out',))
WARNING: Waiting 3 sec...
WARNING: Upload failed: /grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg (('The read operation timed out',))
WARNING: Waiting 15 sec...
upload: 'grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg' -> 's3://lemis/grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg'  [8 of 42]
  65536 of 317099    20% in    0s   496.12 kB/s
upload: 'grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg' -> 's3://lemis/grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg'  [8 of 42]
 317099 of 317099   100% in  300s  1055.80 B/s  done
WARNING: Too many failures. Giving up on 'grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg'
ERROR: Upload of 'grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-4.jpeg' failed too many times (Last reason: )
upload: 'grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-5.jpeg' -> 's3://lemis/grog/Photos/20020601/big/domingo-5.jpeg'  [9 of 42]

That happened over the space of about 3 minutes. Apart from the wait times specified, there were the timeouts. What causes this? It can't be network activity: the next file transferred without a hitch. I should try from a different system, but for the time being it looks as if it's DigitalOcean's fault.

On the positive side, I found:

 25926 of 25926   100% in    0s   162.58 kB/s  done
upload: 'grog/Photos/20051015/tiny/Barbecue-9.jpeg' -> 's3://lemis/grog/Photos/20051015/tiny/Barbecue-9.jpeg'  [13 of 13]
 25224 of 25224   100% in    0s    88.11 kB/s  done
remote copy: 'Barbecue-1.jpeg' -> 'barbecue-1.jpeg'
remote copy: 'Barbecue-9.jpeg' -> 'barbecue-9.jpeg'
Done. Uploaded 363417 bytes in 32.5 seconds, 10.92 kB/s.

What does that mean? These files are not links; by my error, they're real copies of the same image. So clearly sync has looked at the checksums and sizes and established that they're the same thing. That looks like the way to handle the symlink issues that I noted yesterday.

Saturday, 18 August 2018 Dereel Images for 18 August 2018
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Reactions to Trump's bullying
Topic: politics, opinion Link here

On of Donald Trump's worst actions as president of the USA was to cancel US involvement in the JCPOA. US involvement? No, everybody's involvement, at least as far as he can reach. Do business with Iran or do business with us. That's duress, and it's unlikely that China will pay much attention.

Today I read an article showing other problems that this action has caused: Iraq has many business dealings with Iran, at least partially because the US invasion forced them to do. And now they're expected to break them. What can Iraq do? He has the gun.

But it seems that they found a way anyway, to quote this article:

On Monday, Abadi walked back his earlier commitment, saying Iraq would refrain only from conducting business with Iran in U.S. dollars. He said there was no decision yet on whether Iraq would suspend imports of major goods from Iran.

That will probably work. How are the US Americans going to find out what transactions take place? One of the reasons that Daesh survived so long was because of illegal trade. That was a terrorist group, with relatively limited ways to escape observation. When the governments of two bordering countries carry out transactions, who is there to observe them?

More to the point, though, it shows what I think is going to happen anyway: more and more financial transactions will take place without US involvement. This will have the effect that the US currency will lose in importance, along with the rest of the USA. Bravo, Trump!

Roast pork again
Topic: food and drink, opinion Link here

Three months ago we had roast pork, and Chris Bahlo and I really liked it: juicy, tasty and with nice crackling. The rest of the meat proved to be just what I needed for various South-East Asian dishes for breakfast.

But I'm running out of leftovers. OK, another roast. Last time it had been a shoulder roast. This time it was leg (ham), considered to be a better cut. Cooked as last time at 210°, 60 minutes with recirculation and 30 minutes with top heat as well: 90 minutes to get 1.5 kg to 68°.

Not a success. The skin wasn't as crisp as it should have been, and the meat was decidedly firm. Should I have cooked it to a higher temperature? Should I have heated from above for the entire time? I don't know, but if I can persuade Yvonne to do it again (won't be in the immediate future), I'll try shoulder again.

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