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Friday, 14 December 2018 Dereel Images for 14 December 2018
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Building CURRENT? Or C++?
Topic: technology, opinion Link here

I have been reminded that it's been nearly a year since I committed any code to the FreeBSD source repository. That's an anniversary that brings along the Grim Reaper, the maintainer of commit bits. People have suggested that I make some trivial commit, but that's not the purpose of this timeout.

As it happened, Bob Bishop (not a committer) piped up on a mailing list asking for somebody to commit a patch that he had submitted. OK, that makes more sense. First, bring up to date—I haven't really done anything with it since February. And once again my source tree, which I sync daily, was out of sync. It hardly seems to be worthwhile to keep the tree; just check it out as needed.

Then make buildworld. It took all day and into the evening, over 9 hours! Yes, this is a virtual machine with only one CPU, but it should still run rings round the Intel 486 that I used 25 years ago. But in those days the build was done in 90 minutes. What's going on?

Every time I looked, it was C++ compiling C++. Once upon a time the purpose of a compiler was to save time. Nowadays it seems to be navel contemplation.

Modern lasagne
Topic: food and drink, general, opinion Link here

Chris Bahlo's birthday today, so we had the weekly dinner a day early, one of her (and Yvonne's) favourites, salmon lasagne.

That requires—not surprisingly—lasagne, which in the past we used to make ourselves. But that was a long time ago, and today Yvonne had some pre-packaged lasagne. Just boil and use.

Oh. No. Don't boil. Just make your sauce, pour it over the lasagne, and cook for at least 20 minutes. Lasagne al forno. And not what we need.

Went looking for what else I could use. A packet of “lasagne verdi”, which seemed like a grammatical error, but maybe that's my lack of understanding of Italian. Also to be cooked in the sauce in the oven.

Dammit, there's nothing for it. Make our own noodles, the way we used to. Where's the noodle machine? I still don't know. Is it in one of the cartons that we still, after 3½ years, haven't unpacked?

In the end we boiled them in water. No, these “instant" pastas are really barely acceptable for lasagne al forno. They're really not what we need for this dish. High time to either find the old pasta machine, or maybe buy a new, more advanced device.

Saturday, 15 December 2018 Dereel → Ballarat → Dereel Images for 15 December 2018
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No water?
Topic: Stones Road house, general, opinion Link here

In the shower this morning I noticed that the water wasn't as warm as usual. Another problem with the hot water system? Made a note to look at it later.

But while we were preparing for breakfast, Yvonne told me that we didn't have any water. Check. Power OK. Pump seemed normal. And after the recent rain the tanks were full, 50 m³ of water.

Power cycled the pump. A bit of noise, but not—it seemed—as much as normal. And still no water. The bloody pump had failed! And I only bought it less than a year ago!

Called the Ballarat Pump Shop on 5339 6366 and spoke to Jeff, who, as it proved, had sold me the pump in January. Yes, they had a replacement pump for me, so into town, in more of a hurry than planned: I discovered that they shut at 12:00 on Saturdays.

Made it at 11:55, and Jeff took the pump and put it on a bench. Didn't start. Turned the rotor. Started. Ah, that's the capacitor (on the right, 8 μF, 450 VAC):

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What? On such a new device? OK, can happen. We can fix that. Armed with only a pair of combination pliers, he cut off the wires from the old capacitor and put in contacts for the new capacitor, which had contacts instead of leads. Done!

How about testing? Yes, OK. No change. Damn.

Round about here, Adam came along. He remembered me from the dog bath repair eighteen months ago. Together they puzzled over it, discovering in the process that it wasn't the control unit (good: that was from the old pump and out of warranty), and that something was funny with the pump itself.

By this time it was way past closing time, so Jeff fitted a pump for me, and off back home to install it. Why do these things always happen on weekends?

In passing, it occurs to me that I should have taken more photos. The place looks like something out of the 1960s. Over one power point, for no obvious reason, was the inscription “ADAM IS A WANKER”, and on another wall a poster for operational health and safety, obviously modified: “Don't lift heavy loads. Get some other cunt to do it”.

And the hot water? Clearly the problem with the pump caused the pressure to be lower, resulting in more cold water flow in relationship to the hot water. Do I believe that? Not really. Out to open up the distribution panel for the hot water system. Yes, the circuit breaker had tripped again! It's only been three weeks since the last time! Is that an indication that it's getting worse? Hard to say: it seems that with reasonable sunlight we don't need the electric boost, and even over the past couple of particularly dreary days, and with much use of hot water washing yesterday, the water was still acceptably hot.

Australia recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel
Topic: politics, opinion Link here

Two months ago the current Prime Minister of Australia, whom I like to call Scott is Moron, tried to win a by-election in a safe seat. He failed.

The election was necessary because the seat had been vacated by the incumbent Malcolm Turnbull, this year's first prime minister, who had been deposed by Morrison. One of the tricks that Morisson used was to claim that they would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Despite the sizeable Jewish population in the Division of Wentworth, they lost the vote. There was some reaction, though: Indonesia protested strongly and put various negotiations on hold.

Now it seems that Morrison, never one to learn from his mistakes, has recognized West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, thus angering the Palestinians, the whole Muslim world, myself, most of the people I know, and even Israel (which lays claim to the whole of Jerusalem). So who benefits? The Indonesians have got up on their hind legs again and demanded that Australia recognize Palestine. That would actually make sense, but in general the reactions were sufficient for Australia to issue a travel warning (I think; I can't find anything on then DFAT web site, but that's normal enough), and others are calling for a boycott of Australian goods.

More annoyingly, though, this third attempt at a prime minister states that “Australia” recognizes West Jerusalem. As part of “Australia”, I strongly protest. The (minority) Australian government recognizes West Jerusalem as the capital, a move that even Israeli media see as self-serving:

Recognizing Jerusalem is expected to help the embattled Australian PM — who faces the prospect of an election drubbing next year — with Jewish and conservative Christian voters and win him friends in the White House.

Oh, for politicians with the interests of the country at heart!

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