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Greg's photo pages Greg's camera equipment Contact prints
Photography software Panoramas and HDR

Stuff to read

MIT auto drone DPReview electronic shutter Cleaning sensors

Other Olympus information

Biofos Olympus site Olympus manuals Olympus E system
Olympus manuals Olympus USB cable compatibility Olympus manuals, German
Olypedia Olypedia EXIF description Olympus firmware update
Olympus Zuiko Digitll lenses Wrotniak's Olympus pages Wrotniak's Nitty-Gritty pages
Four-thirds lens list (Wrotniak) Wrotniak news Hidden codes
Olympus Dementia (old OM site) Olympus entrance pupils Olympus lens list


eGlobal DWI Digital Camera Warehouse
Amazon B&H photography B&H lenses
B&H EVIL cameras B&H used equipment Adorama camera supplies
Adorama used equipment Ritz camera (expensive!) Michael's camera, Melbourne
Ted's camera, Melbourne Photography shopping list Cameras direct (Australia, no Olympus)
Via da Vinci Olympus parts Collectiblend used camera prices

Reviews Dpreview camera comparison Greg's camera choice links
Best cameras under $500 Best cameras under $1000 DxOMark Mobile
DxOMark cameras Photozone new old
Imaging resources mirorless Digital Camera Resource Digital Camera Warehouse (Australia)
The camera site (collection) Lens reviews .com Newegg 70-300 review
PopPhoto buying guide Olympus E-30 (Digital Photography Review)
Kodak EasyShare M1093 IS

Stock Photos


Oly-E-fotografierer Four-thirds DxO forum
My Olympus Olympus forum
dpreview Olympus forum Pentax forums Photography on the net Panophoto (French) 43Rumors

General stuff

PopPhoto Fotox (Canon) PopPhoto buying guide


Local lens link page Sigma lenses Tamron lenses
Tamron 80-210 f/3.8-4.0 zoom About mirror lenses Lenstip
PopPhoto's extreme lenses Rodenstock XR-Helogin 1:0.75/50 SLRgear
Pixel Peeper

Flash units

Greg's flash page Toomas' flash FAQ Hohner's flash pulse info
Mecablitz 58 review StudioWorks Melbourne Studio flash specs
More studio flash specs


eBay Benro


Toomas' Photo Website c't tutorials gphoto2
Harold Merklinger's docco Merklinger's focussing (PDF) Safari photo books
Optimum aperture for macro photography Wikipedia focus stacking Old camera manuals


How to use ultra-wide angle lenses


Canon Hackers Development Kit CHDK article wkt's Canon
LCD monitor test images Shipping forwarders Stefans Sichtweise, with infrared
The myth of DPI

Forum messages (ugh!)

Farbprofile für ufraw Lightroom/ufraw-Farbkalibrierung


Pentax Spotmatic Pentax serial number database Pentax screw mount camera database
CameraQuest's Classic Camera Profiles Edixa models

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