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This page contains all the photos taken on or slightly before Monday, 29 November 2004. They're sorted by time of exposure. The purpose of this page is rather like the contact prints that used to be used in the film days: they give me an overview of all photos taken on the day. Unlike contact prints, I have removed images that are completely useless, but I've kept anything that might be in any way usable. There's no implication that their presence here means that I think they're good. In addition, there may be no relationship between the individual images.

Click on any image to display a larger version, or read the diary entry corresponding to the day.

The photos on this page have been set to a uniform “small” size that is usually smaller then the originals; to see the originals, click on the photo in question with the mouse. See the overview page for more details.

This should be cob.gif.  Is it missing?
Image title: cob
Dimensions: 549 x 483, 190 kB
Dimensions of original: 549 x 483, 190 kB
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