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For two people.

quantity       ingredient       step
20 g       porcini mushrooms, dried       1
200 g       beef fillet       2
80 g       shallots       2
10 g       garlic       2
1       dill gherkin (optional)       2
1 tsp       corn starch       3
100 ml       dry white wine       3
40 ml       cognac       5
100 ml       chicken broth (fresh or from stock powder)       5
200 ml       sour cream       5
2 tbsp       butter fat       5
      salt       5
      pepper       5


  1. Soak the porcini mushrooms in hot water for about half an hour, then drain and squeeze; cut into pices, if needed. You can alternatively use fresh button mushroom (about 200 g); in this case, briefly fry them in butter or oil.

  2. Cut the beef fillet into thin strips. Finely chop the shallots and the garlic. Cut the gherkin into fine julienne strips.

  3. Mix the corn starch with a small quantity of the wine, keeping the rest of the wine for step 5.

  4. Heat the butter fat over high heat, quickly fry the beef strips in it, for about a minute or two. Set aside and keep warm.

  5. Over medium heat, fry the shallots until soft (about 5 minutes), then add the garlic, fry for another 30 seconds, then splash the cognac over and let reduce briefly. Add the remaining wine and the chicken broth, bring to boil. Stir in the diluted corn starch. Stir in the sour cream, season with salt and pepper to taste. Add the mushrooms and the gherkin strips, then the meat, let heat through, but not boil.

Serve with a mesclun salad and croquettes or potato wedges.

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