Greg's claypot chicken

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I've eaten claypot chicken in Singapore a couple of times, but it appears to be a relatively unknown dish. I couldn't find any recipe in any of my relatively large collection of cookbooks, though there were a couple of relatively dubious looking recipes on the web. On 3 November 2002 my daughter Yana and I set to interpreting it. Here's what came out:


quantity  ingredient  step 
500g  Rice 
350 g  chicken, chopped into 6mm cubes 
40 g  Dried fish (ikan bilis) 
dried "tung ku" mushrooms 
40 g  Chinese sausage, thinly sliced 
30 ml  light soya sauce 
30 ml  oyster sauce 
15 g  ginger, shredded 
5 g  sugar 
5 ml  sesame oil 
10 ml  light soya sauce 
15 g  ginger, shredded 
5 g  sugar 
5 ml  sesame oil 
50 ml  chicken stock 
cloves garlic, crushed 
red chili 
spring onion 
coriander leaves (cilantro) 

Tung Ku is the Chinese name for the mushroom Lentinus Edodes, known as shiitake in Japanese.


Soak the mushrooms in hot water, chop chicken and sausage.

Mix the marinade ingredients for step 1 and marinate the chicken in them for 30 minutes.

Mix the marinade ingredients for step 2 and marinate the fish in them for 10 minutes.

Wash the rice, then chop the step 2 ingredients in a blender. Place the rice, step 2 ingredients and water into an earthenware pot and start to cook. Chop the mushrooms into strips 5mm by 15 mm.

Fry the chicken in oil. When nearly cooked, add sausages and mushrooms.

When the water level in the rice has dropped to the surface, remove about of the rice from the pot. Add the chicken mixture and mix thoroughly, then replace the removed rice. Cover and cook for 15 minutes.

Chop the chili into slices lengthwise, the onion into round slices, and the coriander into fine shreds. When the food is cooked, take off the lid and garnish. Serve.

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