Pancake batter

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Pancakes are simple, right? But every time I make them, I find myself looking up a recipe for the proportions.

I'm not a good (or frequent) pancake maker. I'm still trying to understand the effect of temperature and thickness of the batter on the final result. My best guess is: make the (PTFE) pan hot, and the thinner the batter, the thinner the resultant pancake.


measure quantity ingredient
100g wheat flour
1 70g egg
1 30g egg yolk
1 cup 275 ml milk
1 tsp 20 ml oil, fat or butter
salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients together in a blender. Leave to stand for half an hour for the wheat to hydrate; the mixture will get thicker in this time. With this quantity of oil, I'm hoping that it won't be necessary to add any oil to the frying pan.

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