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I first heard of shawarma from Chris Costello on IRC. It seems to be a variant of Gyros, and it's currently fashionable in the USA. I've never tasted it myself.

This gives me a bit of a problem, of course: how do I find a good recipe, and how do I know when I have got it right? I started with Google and came up with three recipes which might give me an idea:, and None of them looked overly authentic, and they differ in ways that suggest that (as usual) the quantities are all wrong. In the end, I came up with the following starting point:


100 ml  yoghurt  1
50 ml  vinegar  1
50 ml  lemon juice  1
115 g  onion, minced  1
3 g  salt  1
0.7 g  black pepper  1
0.7 g  chili powder (“cayenne pepper”)  1
0.2 g  nutmeg, grated  1
10 g  garlic (3 good cloves)  1
1.0 g  cinnamon, powdered  1
0.5 g  cardamom seeds  1
400 g  lamb topside, cut into thin strips  2


  1. Grate and mix the ingredients.
  2. Slice the lamb (I used an electric slicing machine and sliced to 2.5 mm). Mix with the marinade (step 1) and leave overnight in the fridge.
  3. (to be completed)

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