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I've spent some time trying to make a good tanduri nan, but so far it eludes me. This is based on what I baked on 27 May 2016. I have an older and very different recipe here, and some old thoughts on the topic here.

This is what I did on the last occasion. It needs rethinking.


quantity       ingredient       step
90 g       sourdough starter (rye)
200 g       atta      
95 g (too much)       yoghurt      
5 g       salt      
25 g       ghee      


I started with the starter and added flour and yoghurt until the mixture looked right. It was probably too moist. And next time I should look at the last attempt.


I have three Hindi words to contend with here, and I think all three are transliterated incorrectly. It's important to note that letters are (almost?) never doubled in Hindi, so there should be a good reason to do it in the transliteration.

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