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This dish has its origins in Vietnamese cuisine, but I've adapted and simplified it for my purposes, so it's not fair to blame it on the Vietnamese.


The quantities given here are partially guesswork. Next time I'll update them with more reliable data.

quantity       ingredient       step
1       iceberg lettuce       1
200 g       carrot       2
200 g       giant radish (daikon)       2
200 g       cucumber       2
10 g       coriander leaves       3
10 g       Vietnamese mint       3
10 g       Thai basil       3
10 g       Mint       3
3       Kaffir lime leaves       4
50 ml       coconut cream       4
50 ml       water       4
25 ml       fish sauce       4
10 g       garlic       4
1 g       chili powder       4
      leftover meat, such as cooked chicken breast       5


  1. Carefully separate the individual leaves from the lettuce. They're used to wrap the other food in, so they should be intact.
  2. Make julienne strips of the vegetables, about 5 to 8 cm long.
  3. Chop the herbs coarsely if you like, otherwise just arrange individual leaves on a plate.
  4. Blend the sauce ingredients to a purée.
  5. Serve components individually. At the table place them in a lettuce leaf, wrap, dip in the sauce and eat.

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