Greg's diary
August 1968
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Thursday, 1 August 1968 KL
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I drove after him, furious, and hit him a couple of times, swore as fast as I could in Malay and broke his crook. He didn't seem to be very happy about that.

Thursday, 15 August 1968 KL
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Then Din called up and came along a bit later in his MGB and drove me to the Lake Gardens, where I had planned to meet Gerd and Ernst, but they weren't there. He let me drive the car, but I didn't find it very interesting. Then home and tried to vulcanize an inner tube, which wasn't easy - the things just didn't want to stick. Finally I was successful, and shortly later Dudley Pritchard and Laurel came to dinner - then we had to drive Mr Pritchard back to his hotel, and thus late to bed.

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