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December 1965
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Tuesday, 14 December 1965 KCT → Netherton
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And at last! I can get away from this place. Once again am I that happy laughing boy, etc, etc, and so on.

After breakfast, deliberately did nothing, in order to have an excuse for missing double Pad, and instead played some flute music on Sopran- and Sopranin-blockflöten

After assembly, over to Stoneleigh, and there washed and shampooed myself in nearly boiling water, and packed up as well, etc, and then went down to the other end of the building and got Daw to help me get my trunk down there.

Then for a clarinet lesson, and Gerard pinched a reed off me. Played some duets from 26 Pezzi by whoeverheis.

Finally out, said goodbye to Skiv, and off to the station, where, of all people, I bumped into Christian-Edwards.

Finally off in the opposite direction to him, and before long had elapsed, arrived in Newton Abbot, and rang up Mrs Baudouy, and got a taxi out.

Finally got there, paid off the taxi, had a rather interesting lunch, which was definitely better than what we had at school, and then in to find out what had happened to my ticket, and rang up BOAC in London, and they told me that BUA in Exeter had it, and so rang them up and sure enough, they had it, and will give it to me tomorrow when I get there. Then another call to BOAC about accomodation [sic], and it does not look too hopeful - I will be landing at Gatwick, and they will not arrange accomodation until I actually arrive. I hope it is not like September the 16th.

Then into town with Van, and got hold of some Promicrol - I am prepared to bet they still don't have any in KL.

Out to Stover to pick up some birds, and then back home again, where I had tea, and watched TV and played Blockflöten until time for makan, and after that back again for a while. How I hate serials. I never get a chance to follow them.

Fairly early to bed, after a bath, and read a bit about getting involved in Readers digest. I shall have to copy it and send it to Lesley.

Wednesday, 15 December 1965 Netherton → Exeter → Hayes
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As of old, Mrs Baudouy forgot or neglected to wake me up, and as a result, I did not wake until about 0750. I suppose it is a rational enough time to wake after a term of just sneaking it into breakfast.

Down, and had breakfast in the kitchen - a rather prolonged affair, lasting from 0830 until 1000 hrs, and then went for a bit of a stroll around the grounds of Netherton for old times sake. As Mrs. Baudouy remarked at breakfast, this is the 5th year of my association with Netherton - God, doesn't time fly!

Back again, and to the drawing room, where I pulled out a Blockflöte and began to please myself thereon. Then up and wrote a couple of letters, to Lesley and Mr. Allen, and then, after a bit of indecision, wrote up my diary.

Down again to the drawing room, where Stephanie and Diane were messing around on the piano, and joined them with a clarinet.

A little later went into town, to take Miranda to the station, but also went in and bought a few odd things - some sellotape and Sellotape X (new, faster. See revised data sheet),

This clearly referred to Kodak's data sheets for films like Ektachrome X and Kodachrome X.

and also some Savlon, which appears to be a newer form of Cetavlex, which has done wonders for my spots.

Then back again, and had lunch, and then upstairs to get all my stuff ready, and to finalise things with Mrs Baudouy, and then down to wait for the cab to take me to Exeter.

It finally arrived, and dropped Mrs. Littlewood at Shaldon. The whole thing only came to 38/- - cheaper than last time. Went to the BUA people, who had my ticket, and they told me that the flight had been cancelled owing to bad weather. Went through the roof, got a refund, and down to St. Davids station, where I had to wait for a quite considerable time before I finally got a train, and then the thing took quite some time to get moving. By the time we got to Reading, it was ¾ hour behind schedule, and I got off at Slough station at 2100 hrs, and got a coach (only passenger!) to London airport. Then got a van to the Skyways, checked in, and had makan - got there at about the same time as the train got to Paddington.

Wrote a letter to Lesley after makan. Also fixed up the film in my camera, which had come off the spool. What do I do about the frame counter?

Thursday, 16 December 1965 London (Hayes) → (+1 hr) Frankfurt → Geneva → (+1 hr) Cairo → (+3½ hrs)
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The silly fool at reception woke me up at 0600 hrs this morning, and being in the usual frame of mind in which I am before going home, I could not get back to sleep, and so up and had a bath at about 0630.

Room service called me again pretty punctually at 0700 hrs, and made sure I got my coffee and paper, and after that down to the dining room for breakfast, and then up again to get my barang together, and called for a porter, which was not forthcoming. Eventually carried all my stuff down to the lobby, where there was a hell of a susah going on. Eventually got off, after more or less persuading them that I was being paid for by Air-India, and to Passenger building 3, where more susah, and got talking to a bloke who lives in Butterworth, while waiting for the plane, which was about 90 minutes late.

Eventually got onto the plane, and by God, they are on my side again, for I have another bird next to me, this time living no further away than Ipoh. Red hair, which looks very nice.

Finally got to Frankfurt at 2.20pm/1320, and there had lunch, and had a look round the airport, at some cameras, etc., and me and this bird (must find out what her name is - these birds seem singularly uninterested in me. I have to do all the talking).

It appears that I was writing the diary almost in real time.

Finally took off at about 3.20/1420 hrs, and to Geneva, where we arrived at about 4.00 pm (1500 hrs), and were given a free drink voucher. I suppose that all that they say about Air-India service is true enough. Geneva is a hell of a dump. Not even any cameras to look at.

Took off at about 4.40 pm/1540 hrs, and our first long hop, and I finally took the plunge and introduced myself. Then Anne (Day), as she proved to be called, decided to go to sleep, and so I followed suit, and decided that I might as well get a move on with my advances - I left it far too late last time.

Dropped off in the middle of it, but by 1730 hrs had her holding my hand, and we were in a pretty passionate embrace by 1800. Had some tea, and at 1835 got set in what must surely be a record-breaking embrace - 42 minutes. Also a 12 minute kiss. These italian kisses are not so bad after all.

Nowadays that's a French kiss.

Had some fun in Cairo airport - I came out with a set cover adhered to my back. Bloke got hold of it and started sticking it on everybody. Most hilarious. Left Cairo at about 10.10 pm/...

Friday, 17 December 1965 Bombay → Madras → (+ 2 hrs) Singapore.
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,,, 2015 hrs, and on to Bombay, which was to be a really long hop, and had makan during it. Anne seemed particularly unhungry - apparently she is dieting in order to be able to fit into a Bikini these holidays, or something.

Arrived at Bombay at 6.45am/0115 hrs, and were told that passengers for Madras and Singapore would have to change here, and there would be a delay of about 1½ hours while the baggage was transferred from one plane to the other.

This was a masterpiece of understatement, and also a masterpiece of the Indian manner of saying “We should be leaving in about half an hour” every half hour. Eventually found out that the labourers were striking or working to rule, and while we were there we had breakfast.

Finally, after I had calculated that I would miss my connecting flight to KL, and probably have to stay at the Adelphi again, which could well mean spending the night with Anne and therefore not be too bad, we left the airport at about 11.00am/0530 hrs, and en route for Madras, at which point both Anne and I decided to catch up on our sleep, and so did so. She woke me up just as we were about to land at Madras, but we both decided to stay on the plane - I for one was dog tired.

Set off from Madras with ETA Singapore 7.10pm(1140 hrs). The 028 should have left at 6.30. More love making etc, and off to sleep for a while, though it was rather difficult, and in the end sat there making love to Anne as we came down in Singapore, at about 7.10, as scheduled.

Clearly I still didn't understand what “making love” meant.

Got off, and somebody told me I was leaving at 8.40 on the ML498, but almost immediately after somebody came up to me with a voucher saying that I was staying at the Raffles. Then yet another bloke found me, and told me he was trying his utmost to get me onto the 498, and so he did, too, but unfortunately we did not quite make it, and so to the Raffles, and to go to the airport to catch the ML034 at 7.00am tomorrow. Went to the dining room and discovered a) I was too late for makan b) Anne was on the 034 as well. Off to an early bed after ringing up Mum, Dad, and Bev. Thank God I have got this far, anyway.

And Anne? I think she was staying in a different hotel, possibly the Adelphi.

Saturday, 18 December 1965 Singapore → KL → Kepong Images for 18 December 1965
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Woke up at 4.15 this morning, and could not get back to sleep, so got up, had a shower, and decided to write a letter to Lesley. Did this, and also wrote up my diary, and otherwise occupied myself until about 5.30, at which time I went downstairs and waited for Stephen Teo to pick me up. The other bloke arrived a little later, and we set off got to the airport at about dawn, checked in, and went to have some breakfast. Then down, and I looked round anxiously to see if Anne was anywhere in sight. She appeared at the checking in counter about 2 minutes before the flight was called, but I got her sitting next to me in the plane, and on with the usual. Finally got to KL, and spent a bit of time in customs talking through the grille to Mum Dad, and Bev, and Theo actually came through the grille. I wonder what the tax is on Hünde [sic].

Finally got home, and spent most of the morning hanging around home seeing how it has changed, etc, in the past 3 months. Everybody seems to be flat out, and Bev has a monkey on her back, which she insists on keeping in the darkroom.

Mum told me that Anna Anthony had invited me out to a tramp party in Kepong tonight - nothing like getting off to a good start.

Out to the Borneo Co. Job in Kenny Hill, came then back to the office, where I confirmed with Anna that I would be going to the party.

After makan, decided to get a bit of a rest, as Anna had told me that the party would go on well into the small hours of the morning. Accordingly to my room, and almost immediately off to sleep.

Woke up after tea, and things were happening all over the place. Bev was ringing up to get somebody to come and pick her up from the Golf club, and Mum wanted to go down town to get something due there, and so on, and eventually they went off, and left me to watch the TV until they all came back with the news that the employees of the Weld Supermarket were on strike. This seems interesting. Shall have to go and take some photos.

I don't say when I took the photos, but here are a couple.

This should be Weld-strike-1.jpeg.  Is it missing?
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Then had makan, after which Anna and her boyfriend Harry came along and picked me up to take me to the party, and eventually off, and arrived about an hour after it had started, and got moving very slowly. Discovered that I knew absolutely nobody, and eventually plucked up enough courage (backed up by the realisation that 'twas now or never) to make off with a bird called Tina Law, and got pretty quickly to work with her. I seem...

Sunday, 19 December 1965 Kepong → KL.
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... to really be moving quickly lately. Anyway, the climate here helps, and we spent a good deal of time outside, and became quite intimate by the end. She asked me if I would give her a lift back, and I asked Harry, who said he would be only too delighted. He seemed rather glad that I had managed to make off with her, and when she got a little worried about the hour, and told him, she suggested that I got her into the back set of the car, and waited for them to come along in about 5 minutes. Almost 45 minutes later, along they came, and we went back to town, dropped Tina at her house, and then home, arriving at about 3.30 am. Almost immediately off to sleep, and woke at about 10.30, and up, out, and had breakfast after a fashion, then suggested to Dad that we went to the Lake Club, as I still feel terribly pale, especially next to Bev, who is dark enough to pass for a Malay (well, just about).

Managed to persuade Mum to come as well, and for once she was pretty quick off the mark, and so we were at the Lake Club by 12.30, and discovered a table with what could only be Carmel's belongings, and settled down there. She is reading “L'étranger” by Camus, and I hope she feels sufficiently depressed by the end of it.

Had curry makan at the Lake Club, and at the same time managed to absorb a fair degree of UV light.

Then back home, leaving Bev to return with Carmel, and on the way stopped at the Borneo Co. job, which seems pretty inevitable. I always seem to be with Dad when he goes there.

Then finally back home, and off for a sleep. I am still not quite orientated [sic], and must do something about it. Eventually, I suppose, I will be awake in the day and asleep at night.

Woke up at about 7.00 pm, an just in time for the news, etc, and then makan, and messed around doing little in particular - I hope we can get some parties going these holidays. I am rather hoping that we can make them one long orgy.

Quite late to bed, despite the best of intentions. I really must rationalise my sleeping habits.

Monday, 20 December 1965 KL.
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Up this morning with Dad and the sun at about 6.30 am, and up and out to Subang to send off some plans to Penang for Chor to pick up.

Then back again to have breakfast, and decided with Bev that we would go to the Lake Club. I was still rather preoccupied with getting brown rather than with swimming or such like, and as a result was not, unlike Bev, particularly worried whether the pool was being cleaned or not (as it was). Rang up Birger and Bertil, who said they would be over at about 10.00 am. Meanwhile, Jacky Webb arrived, and started talking to us. She has put on quite a bit of weight in appropriate places - interesting. I wonder if it is worth changing my opinion of her.

Birger and Bertil came late, and made me feel even paler than ever - they really are black (more or less). They look like negatives - what with their fair hair.

Finally off home - got a lift with Birger, and discovered what a reckless driver he is.

After makan, had intended to get my provisional license, and then go to the Golf club to meet all Bev's friends, but fate would not let it be. Mum was on her side and asked me to come over to the office and do a few jobs for her. By the time she had finished telling me what to do, it was 2.50 pm, and I did not get it all finished for yet another hour, and so by that time most of my afternoon was gone.

Back home accordingly, and decided to get all my photographic equipment out, and had intended to do a bit of printing until I discovered that all my electrical stuff had been employed elsewhere. Nevertheless, made up some DA163, and then wrote a letter to Paul Hallett, enclosing a cheque for £75, and apologising profusely about the fact that I could not get the camera for him, and so on.

I had promised to buy an Asahi Pentax “Spotmatic” for him. I don't say, and I don't recall, why I thought I couldn't: ultimately I did buy one for him.

Then decided that I was still pretty tired, and to have a rest, and nearly missed tea. More rest, and was forced to help Dad fix up the barbecue. By this time was so tired that I could hardly eat the food, but managed somehow.

Tuesday, 21 December 1965 KL.
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And so goes by another day, and today I did not get up really early, although after last night's early night, I woke up of mine own accord at about 7.00 am.

Decided to go to the Lake club, but discovered that I first I [sic] had to clear it with Mum and so went and asked her, and she had all sorts of things to do, but in the end she somehow managed to work out that I need not do anything for her, and so off with Bev to the Lake Club after first calling at Eastern Photographers to hand Dad's 50 mm f/1,5 lens in for repair. Birger and Bertil were already there, and playing squash. Before much longer they came along to the pool and spent the rest of the morning there. doing little. It strikes me that Birger must be a bit cheesed off, having as successful brother as Bertil.

Eventually got picked up about 12.00 am [sic], as Dad wanted him after that.

This must be a reference to Rahmat, the syce, though the following paragraphs still don't make sense.

I must get the old grey mare down from K.B.

After lunch, Dad decided that he and I would go round town and do some shopping, and in view of the car situation, we decided to walk round town.

First, however, over to the office, and there intended only to get the cheque book, but unfortunately got waylaid, and first of all repaired my sunglasses while Dad gave the blokes in the drawing office something to do. Then a couple of phone calls, and out, and discovered that Mum had come in, and so back up again, and a bit more susah, etc, etc. Eventually off and got Bev, and down to the Post office, where Rahmat dropped us, and we then went up to Caxtons, and got me a new diary - an eastern edition of this one, which will add a bit of character thereto.

The diaries were printed by Collins in foolscap format. The Eastern Edition had different information in the front, such as local holidays and exchange rates.

Went all over the place looking for Christmas presents for the family, etc, and in the end gave it up as a bad job after having bought nothing for anybody except ourselves.

Did a bit of printing afterwards, of the slides I took in Ashford, and decided once and for all that EX is a terribly grainy film.

Developed a PX (french) for Dad after makan, and also the leader to a KR135-72 in DA-163. Another first.

Wednesday, 22 December 1965 KL.
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Dad up without waking me this morning, and I felt so dead tired that I could hardly get up, but eventually decided to make the effort.

After a while had breakfast, and Dad off to the Borneo Co to see what was going on there, and meanwhile I tried to get Mum's permission to go to the Lake Club, and with Dad to the office, and then on to Eastern Photographers, and there had a passport photo taken, and handed in a KR to be processed.

Then off to the Lake Club, and when I got there, discovered that Birger was not there, but Bertil was there, and introduced to some birds. Later on came Jennifer Paton, and I noticed that she was not with Duncan Cessford [?], who was elsewhere. I suspect he is getting of with Felicity Potter, as John Hazel is soon leaving. I might be able to make it off with Jennifer as a result.

Back to the office quite early, as quite a few things were going on, and then back home, via the Coq D'or [sic].

Makan was a pretty informal do, as Eileen was not there, and after that decided to stay at home for a while, and so settled down to do a bit of music practice, and then out to listen to some music on the record player, and wrote a letter to Anne, from whom I heard this morning. I wish her letter had arrived yesterday.

After a while, Ahmad bin Mahmuddin rang, and I asked him over, as tonight is the new moon, and tomorrow is the beginning of Puasa, and it would not be very kind to invite him over then - except possibly after 7.00 pm.

After a while he arrived, and brought with him a flute and some music, and we got down to playing some of it. Quite a nice trio by Bach for 2 Altblockflöten and continuo.

After a while, parentals back, and decided to go to the Weld Supermarket for tea (where the strike has only just ended).

Curry and sateh for makan - very good sateh sauce. Quite late to bed.

Thursday, 23 December 1965 KL
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Life is once again falling into a fairly settled pattern for the mornings at any rate. Decided once again to go to the Lake Club, but first of all had to find out if Mum wanted anything done for her in town. As usual, of course, she did, and set to work with what appeared to be a will, and so it was - a will to get to the Lake Club afterwards.

The thing that irritates me about doing errands for Mum is not actually doing them as all the waiting around that accompanies them. Today was no exception, but it was a little better than usual. First to Ubaidullas to get some cases for Dad, and then got my passport photos from Eastern Photographers, and posted an express letter to Penang.

Then finally to the Lake Club, and on the way noted Birger and Bertil on the way to town. Nobody was at the pool at all - apart from Duncan, who was again with Felicity. Decided to ring up the Ipoh Swimming Club and page Anne, but she was not there - oh well, it was worth a try.

After a lunch, down to the RIMV to apply for a provisional license, and one hall of a lot of red tape, not to mention just plain inefficiency. However, managed to get moving, and was in the middle of a crowd waiting for my license when Lokman bin Mohammed Noor [sic], whom I have not seen since December 1959, came up to me. All the usual happy reunions, etc, and took him over to the office and then back home. He is still at school, which rather surprised me - he is doing biology (and so on) and chemistry, but is also interest in maths. Spent about 10 minutes proving to him (and to myself) that ∫dx/x = log x. That pleases me, that I should be able to do that.

I don't know why that should have surprised me. We were in the same class in school, and I was also still at school.

After that, Mum and Dad came home, and we had tea. For the first time ever, Lokman tasted Crumpets. He is interested in public school life, being at K. Kangsar college (which is the subject of “Time for a Tiger”. Interesting).

Then to Katriona Moss's party. One hell of a flop. Then kicked on at the Lake Club and the Golf Club. What a grotty mob Bev gets around with.

Friday, 24 December 1965 KL. Images for 24 December 1965
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And so Christmas is again with us, and for the first time in 5 years I am at home therefor. I am rather pleased about it, although I miss Lesley.

Up much as usual, and wanted again, much as usual, to go to the Lake Club, and again much as usual I was required for something or another. Dad also said something about a party in the office, which I would be required to attend. After last night's “party” at Catrionas, I nearly went up the wall. Then Dad off, and before much longer, Mum up, and wanted me to help her paint the tree bronze. Did not refuse, but got out of it nevertheless. Rang up Birger and asked him if he had any L-plates that he could lend me. He said he had, and that I could have them. Arranged to go over.

As usual, got delayed, and had to go up to the Supermarket to do some shopping. Then down to Robinsons, got some wall thermometers, and out to Kenny Hill. Got the plates, highway code, etc, and then we all went down to the Lake Club. Tried ringing the Ipoh Swimming Club again, and this time finally got on to her [Anne], and spent about 10 minutes talking to her at the Lake Club's expense.

Then a little later Birger and Bertil decided to go home, and so said my “auf wiedersehen's”, and had lunch.

Did quite a bit of sunbathing, and felt generally at peace with the world. Why are there not more days like today?

After a while, it started raining. This is the sort of thing that the mob in England would not believe - sun shining brightly at 3.00, then it started pouring, and at 3.30 the sun was shining again.

Eventually decided that Anne was not going the phone me [sic], and went off home by foot, as the car was apparently in use - although it was not very apparent when I got home. My watch went on the blink after 5 years.

Then great preparations for the party, and again to the Supermarket, where I went and had a couple of drinks with Ananda.

Party was quite a good success, and got a towel and a couple of cravats from Carmel and Ron.

During the evening's events, somebody knocked on the door. My father went out and came back a little later without any comment. Later, apparently after Bev had gone to bed, my father said to me “come out and give me a hand”. I went out there, and found a piano, a Christmas present for Bev. It was almost as much a surprise for me as it was for Bev the following morning.

Saturday, 25 December 1965 KL Images for 25 December 1965
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Mum in at about 8.20 this morning, woke me up, and told me to get my camera, and then out and into position. Then finally let Bev out of her room, and got a photo of her when she saw the piano that we had got for her. I think that one will go down int he family album. That expression really was priceless.

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Then got washed, etc, and decided to hand out the rest of the presents. I got a lot more clothing - 2 pairs of bathers, a belt (double sided), handkerchieves (which I seem to remember getting from Kay Wilesson 5 years ago), and a shirt. Also an EX, new diary (that was a surprise), and a cuff link box.

One of Dad's contractors gave all the rest of the family Ω watches - he did not know I was here. All very embarrassing. And I the only one who needs a watch. Developed a PX after that.

Did little in the morning - I had intended to go to the pool, but it was an awful day. Went out instead for a driving lesson with Dad, and rather enjoyed myself, although I fear that Dad did not.

Then makan, cold left-overs from last night. At the end of it, Dad's contractor came in again with a transistor radio for me. Dad went up the wall and tried to give them back, but he could not take them. Here followed a long conversation on how much professional ethics were worth, and so on. Dad however made up his mind to return them. Damn. I could do with one of those watches (the one for Dad, of which he already has one). Oh well.

This is also at least partially a culture conflict. It's clear that in Western cultures it's completely unacceptable for an architect to accept gifts from a contractor, but I'm quite sure that the contractor saw it just as a (rather expensive) “thank you” for work that was in the past, and was probably somewhat offended that we didn't accept the presents.

Did little in the afternoon either - in fact, I got terribly bored and consequently depressed, as I have not been since I have been back. Cut up the film I developed this morning, and hung around the living room watching TV, etc, and doing little of any use.

After a while, had tea, and after that watched more TV, this time with the whole family participating.

This managed, in the usual indescribable way, to merge into makan, and I managed to get a photo of the whole affair by candlelight. Thank God for HP3 and Promicrol.

This should be Candlelight-dinner.jpeg.  Is it missing?
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Developed it after makan. Contrast and grain are both good. I shall have to print them soon.

Sunday, 26 December 1965 KL.
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And so on the morning after the night before, and we are to all intents and purposes back to normal again - all, that is, but for the fact that we could hardly keep Bev away from the piano.

As planned, decided to go to the Lake Club, and got Mum up, etc. Then we all discovered that Bev wanted to stay at home and practice her piano, and Mum wanted to sleep, as the weather was not good enough for her. Dad and I went, however, after a bit of indecision, and he let me drive. He is certainly taking a lot of punishment.

Bumped into Carol Syme at the swimming pool - she looks terribly pale, although I suppose he [sic] has not changed since last week. Also Bertil and Birger Samuelsson, and Birger had forgotten to bring me my cufflinks - Oh well.

Then back, and on the way stopped at the Borneo Co. job and had a look at various things about which the occupant was complaining. Finally got home at about 1.25, and Mum went up the wall about something. Retired to my room, and played some soothing sonata by Händel. After a while felt soothed enough, and decided to go to the Lake club again, and Dad offered to take me.

Nobody was there when I got there, and I decided to ring Anne, but they told me that she had already left, and so on, so I gave it up as a bad job, and went to do what I could in the way of suntanning, and spent a good deal of time looking round at the bird life. There are a a couple hanging about whom I would not mind knowing.

In the end it clouded over so much that I rang Dad and asked him to pick me up, after first ringing the swimming club and checking for Anne again.

Back home, and Mum had more or less quietened down, and we had tea in comparative peace, while I got her consent if not approval to go up to Ipoh this week. She suggested Tuesday, as I could not contact Anne in time for tomorrow.

A little later, Anne rang, and so, after consultation with Mum, decided to go up on the day mail tomorrow.

Over to Carmel's for makan - very good.

Monday, 27 December 1965 KL Images for 27 December 1965
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Woke up at about 6.30 with Swoopy whining his head off, and could not get back to sleep. Eventually got up at 7.00, as intended, and carried on packing, etc.

When Dad saw my efforts, he went up the wall, and did it for me again in another case. Out, had breakfast, and then Dad went in and asked Mum if she would like to come to the station to see me off. She went mad at this, and I managed to crawl out of the way by myself about 10 minutes later.

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Diary entry for Monday, 27 December 1965 Complete exposure details


Got to the train, which arrived at about 8.30, and it was not until 9.35 that it left. Wend past all the old places that we knew when we were in Syers Road, usw, and they certainly have changed a lot.

Eventually out of Kuala Lumpur, and the train stopped about 80% of the stops. By the time we arrived in Slim River, I decided we would make Ipoh by 1.20, nor was I mistaken - we arrived at 1.24, which was not at all a bad estimate.

Anne and Mrs Day were waiting when I got there, and took me off the to their place for makan, etc. What a change - cold turkey and ham. I can see life is much the same in this neck of the woods. This was confirmed when Anne suggested that after that we went to the Swimming Club. It all sounds vaguely familiar. Still, I don't suppose there is really much else to do in any case. Anne looks quite red, but on the other hand not very tanned. She seems to try to keep out of the sun, so it is not really surprising. I like her bikini - it goes well with the colour of her hair and her eyes. There were dozens of other birds there, and only 3 other boys - no wonder she invited me up here. The other birds appear rather characterless, however - or should I perhaps say that Anne has more character. I am getting to like her very much. Back, had tea, and met the Day Males (as opposed to the Day Mail), and then Anne, Rod, and I to Anne's room to hear some records. Fortunately, Rod got bored and went out. Then Anne decided to do a bit of scooter practice, of which she is obviously badly in need. That ended that.

After that, upstairs and had a few drinks, and quite a few visitors, and had makan up there with a couple of the blokes I met this afternoon. I am rather worried about this Gordon bloke.

Tuesday, 28 December 1965 Ipoh
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In the middle of the night, I discovered the hard way that I was allergic to the pillow on which I was sleeping, and so discarded it, and slept the rest of the night quite peacefully.

Then up at the unearthly hour of about 8.45, and down for breakfast, which is apparently a very informal do here.

After that, the Day males went off to the doctors to see about various complaints, and I stayed behind with the bints, who were busy getting Anne a dress to wear for the party tonight.

During this, a heavily armoured car came up the drive, and out sprang a couple of efficient looking soldiers and brought up a crate of beer - I suppose the army has some advantages.

After a while Major and Roderick Day returned, and the former suggested that we go to the swimming club, which we did, and shortly after that arrived Anne, who had changed her mind about the dress she wanted to wear.

A little later, she off back home on her scooter, and got Mrs. Day to come and pick us up.

Back again, had lunch (turkey and ham pie), and then it was suggested that we all had a rest, which I considered an excellent idea, and off to my room, put my head down, and did not wake up until 3.30, the appointed time, and all prepared to go down town to do some shopping.

First, however, over to the camp, and Major Day there received some unpleasant news about some work he had to do. At about the same time, it began to raining and generally got unpleasant. Dropped Anne at the hairdressers, and off to the shoe shop, where Rod intended to buy some shoes, and I bought a pair of thongs which vaguely fitted me.

Back home, had tea, and then to collect Anne, who looked very with it with her bird's-nest hairdo. Looks very much better for it.

Off to the party at about 8.00pm, and there got a shock when she left me completely alone and started making off with married men, etc. Very irritating, and only got about 6 dances with her, in which she was very stand-offish. Damn.

Wednesday, 29 December 1965 Ipoh
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Woke up, after some rather disturbing dreams about Anne this morning, and accordingly got up and went for a walk down to the end of the road, meditating on various aspects of human life, etc. She is obviously not my type, and hard as it may be, I suppose I must accept it.

Back, and one was preparing breakfast, as the servant had the whole day off. Accordingly, complied with what everybody else was having, and had it.

After that, Anne was once again wondering about what dress she should wear, and so on, and dragged out several specimens that she was thinking of wearing, all of which were far too large for her, and spent a great deal of time trying to make it look more her size. Off with Major Day to the Officers mess to get some soft drinks for this evening's booze up

Then to the swimming club with Anne, and again invited her down to KL, and she declined. Why does she not like me? Anyway, I sis not really want to be unfaithful to Lesley, and she might have tempted me.

Had makan actually at the swimming club - had a plateful of mah mee, and that was too much for me, and had to leave nearly half of it. Why have I so little appetite lately?

Back home, and decided that the best thing I could do was go to sleep for a while, and attempted this with very little success. Life becomes a bit too much for me at times. I ought to go back to KL, I suppose.

After a while, got up and went outside to read a story in “Argosy” about Singapore called “Nights in Pagoda St.”. Very interesting - the fellow here obviously understands the chinese mind. Enjoyed it very much.

Then Anne wanted to do a bit of riding on her scooter, and she let me have ago. It is not very powerful - it only did about 28 mph flat out.

Then inside, and before long started the party which proved to be a bit of a drunken orgy, although I did little apart from talk to Douglas about flying planes - he has a 7-seater Cessna.

Kicked on at the swimming club after - when we got back, the key was gone, but elders soon returned with it.

Thursday, 30 December 1965 Ipoh → KL.
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Up comparatively late this morning, and downstairs, where all the rest already were, and Mr. Day told me that they would, after all, be going to KL, and that they would give me a lift, and would I please be so kind as to be ready after breakfast? I was absolutely delighted - this place has been gradually getting on my nerves, and so on. I am just not the same type as this mob.

After breakfast, set off by no means immediately, and when we did, they had quite a few things to do, and so only just got out of Ipoh by 10.30.

Mr. Day, however, made up for this by driving fast, and I note with pleasure that nobody wanted the windows up. I sat there, next to Anne, daydreaming of Lesley. I do not know how I could prefer any bird to her. The very name is music.

Eventually got to KL, and to the Dog, and rang home from there, and discovered that Mum and Dad had gone to the Golf Club for makan, and Major Day offered to take me home.

There waiting for me was a letter from Lesley, as well as a Christmas Card from Lokman. The letter from Lesley was the most wonderful yet. After my makan of cold turkey and ham, which Eileen scrounged for me, I was about to reply to it when Lalita arrived, closely followed by Mum and Dad. I had some things to do in town, and so got her to drop me at Batas in Batu road, and collected Mum's shoes, my pants, had my watch repaired, and got Dad's lens. then bumped into Tina Law, and she wished me a merry Christmas and a Kwong Hee Fatt Choy. Then back home, wrote an airletter to Lesley, and over to the office to get some stamps to post it. Then gave it to Miss Anthony to post, and back home with Dad, and shortly arrived home Mum and her relatives, Pat and Pat (surname unknown) and their 2 kids, who are not called Pat. Think that Pat(ricia) is one of the many offspring of Auntie Anne. (That name again!).

After that, my style was rather cramped, and into my room to write up for yesterday, and after that something was announced about a chines makan out, and Mum suggested a place in Cross St, which was not too hot. Back fairly early, listened to “Fool Britannia”, and off to bed. I miss Lesley terribly lately.

Friday, 31 December 1965 KL
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Woken up this morning to discover hundreds of little kids screaming all over the place (or so it seemed - in reality it was only 2). So again we have contact with Auntie Annie's brood - that name is popular lately.

Up and had breakfast and decided (or rather, my nose decided for me) that there was too much dust in this place, and so asked Mum if I could go to the Lake Club, which did not please her, but eventually she let me go jalan kaki [by foot]

Stopped on the way at Eastern Photographers, and bought some lens cleaning tissues, and then on to the Lake Club, where I got hold of some Lake Club writing paper, and started recording my thoughts for Lesley's benefit.

Carried on thus for a while, until it degenerated into a letter telling her what was going on at the Lake Club.

After 16 pages, finally finished, and started strolling to the office, but unfortunately when I got there, discovered I had been intended to stay at the Club. Put my letter in an envelope, and posted it - cost me $1.50.

Back to the club, had lunch, and spent about 1½ hours over that. Then Dad wanted me to do some more tax work for him, and so called Bev over, and eventually got down to it.

Then in walked San Sai Lum at about 3.45 pm, and told Dad that it was a half-holiday, so Dad sent all the blokes in the Drawing office home, and sent me down for some beer. All they had was Carlsberg, which I have decided I don't like - and $2.40 a bottle.

Then home, and to my room, where I sat and moped and played Blockflöten, etc, and decided to get washed for this party tonight. After getting half-undressed, discovered the water was not yet hot, and had to wait half an our.

After that, read C. J. DennisA sentimental bloke”, which is very apt to my present state of mind.

Eventually off to the party, which could have been a lot wilder, but was spoilt for me by the fact that there was a bird there called Lesley - I spent the rest of the night sitting and moping, calking to a bloke called Colin Reynolds, who is in the ...

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