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March 1963
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This page was entered manually from the paper originals, mainly between 22 April 2017 and 25 April 2017. The last three days were entered first between October 2011 and January 2015. Items in italics, like this, were added during this time.

Friday, 1 March 1963 KCT
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God! All the Welshmen in this place. Clod was wearing a daffodil, of course, but so were so many other people, including Winter.

1 March is St. David's Day, the patron saint of Wales.

Double latin was not as good as usual, and Kingcup handed out quite a few detentions, including one for me.

In Physics, Poop had obviously decided to have a St Davids day binge, and Mr Dixon took us for physics.

In break, as I was talking to Callow, who should shove his small head between us but Green! He is apparently a lot better now, and we managed to explain to him what had been happening.

In double art, I decided to do some abstract design, and quite enjoyed mself, even if I didn't achieve much.

In the afternoon, Green was feeling rather weak, but he turned up at fencing club, and actually did some. Also turned up Woolacott, but he fenced not.

During tea, Green insisted on letting Lloyd near us. He obviously is impressed by the fact that his parents have bought a Rolls-Royce.

Green composing pop songs in dorm.

Saturday, 2 March 1963 KCT
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Today was uneventful.

Physics first, and Poop explained why I got such low marks in the last prep. Quite surprising, actually.

P.E. was okay until I had to go on a run, which gave me an attack of asthma, and I couldn't do much for the rest of the period.

Maths was back on the to the old stuff with fractional quadratics. Rather interesting.

In break, I decided I could not afford another pie, and I don't think I'll get anymore this term.

In Divvers, we finally got on to the third chapter of the epistle to the romans. Will wonders never cease?

French was annoying. I dropped my pen top and Popsy decided I must have gone to sleep and brought me up front.

There was a walk in the afternoon, and I went with Walker and spent most of the time talking about stereo amplifiers. He is thinking about coming over to Netherton in the holidays, so that I can help hem.

Detention in the evening, but after that to the tuck shop, with Callow having pinched my place, and I had to take Greens.

In second prep, I spent most of the time learning more about Calculus

Sunday, 3 March 1963 KCT
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I spent a fair amount of time reading about Oscilloscopes before the rising bell. As a result, I spent all the time before breakfast reading about them, and did not fill in the Diary for Saturday.

After breakfast, we did not have as much time as usual, as we had to turn up for cleaned surpli, with the normal complaining, searching, etc, and a better surplus for me.

I decided not to do the wind band today, despite entreaties from many, and spent most of my time working out what was the best receiver to buy, and finally decided on a Marconi 52.

After lunch there was a run for the more unfortunate (or fortunate) people, but went I for a walk with Brunt telling me that the choir were worth not their salt. The cheek.

The film, Kim, was pretty horrible. In fact, it was not worth the biscuits I bought for it.

After the film, Callow converted me to the faith of numismatics, and as a result I was neraly late for robing up.

After supper, I got a Straits Settlements 10¢ piece from Callow, and nearly a Canadian 1¢ piece, until he discovered it was worth 12/6.

Monday, 4 March 1963 KCT
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Corps always does something unpleasant to Mondays.

In the morning, Popsy did the usual word test, and for once I did not do too badly, although I dropped my pen top, and he interpreted it as going to sleep, and dragged me up to the front desk.

Twice? Or poor memory when writing up?

Latin, however, I still had not found the unseen, and Kingcup put me down for the threatened detention.

This, too, has a ring reminiscent of three days previously.

In maths, I did horribly, in the quads, but Jimmy did not take down the marks. However prep tonight will be taken down.

After break, chemistry, and as usual I got full marks. Equivalent of sodium on Wednesday.

PE, although I had no tablet, no serious attack.

During corps, we spent the whole time doing things for keeping bridges firm, and despite all of column 2 and 4 (1 pulley) we could not dislodge ours, nor could we get the posts out afterwards.

French again, and this time I was made to sit in the front row (this was in the junior chemy labs). I don't like that man.

German, and as always a Prüfung. I don't think I did to badly (dangerous words).

Tuesday, 5 March 1963 KCT
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Algebra, and this time I got full marks, after I had seen Jimmy about corrections to 1 place.

German, and as I thought, I didn't get as much as I thought I would (6/10). Tyson gave us out some new noun sheets of abridged design.

Kingcup gave us an unseen to do, and I didn't do too badly. He then spent the rest of the period giving out detentions to the “weaker bretheren”.

Double physics, and finally Poop let us do our own methods, despite some opposition from Lennox. As usual, the balance fell to bits, and we finally made the s.g. of the cork 0.175, which Callow thinks is rather low value. Probably contains an air pocked in the cork.

Clarinet lesson until 3, and I retreived my clarinet from a room the pioneers were decorating, and polished it up.

Clarinet lessons are tending to become boring, and I spent a lot of time changing reeds.

In english, Boris was testing our vocab, and discovered Howlett having the highest, with nearly 3 times as many as me, despite the fact that I was pretty high (about 4th).

French was annoying.

Callow is a heretic. Burning popes indeed!

Wednesday, 6 March 1963 KCT
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Today was, as most Wednesdays, pleasant. To start with, I got the information on the valves I wanted from Brimar. Then double chemistry, and the equivalent of sodium, which I did not finish completely the first time, but Clod said we could come back in break. As a result, I was paying very little attention to Kingcup who was going all sentimental about the confirmation tomorrow. Back to the labs in break, reweighed, and worked out the equivalent to 22.8, which seems to be pretty good going. Boris after break, and he spent the whole period talking about rock climbing, which is one way to waste a period, I suppose.

Jimmy went on about practical geometrical constructions, and as Howlett and I had no instruments, we had quite a bit of fun scrounging what we could.

We spent the afternoon watching a hockey match, or rather talking about practical methods of killing Popsy and in the process Rees got himself a drill for hands in his pockets.

Gorging ourselves in the tuckshop as usual, although Green had a 1 hr detention, and I had to catch up on my diary. At the same time I bought a note book for Callows, Greeens and my accounts

Reading Calculus in second prep.

Thursday, 7 March 1963 KCT
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As there were confirmations today, the whole day seemed wierd.

To start with, nearly everybody went to chapel in the morning, so by the time I got up there was hardly anybody else there. As a result, few people came into breakfast.

Double deutsch was as normal, except that Howlett insisted that I should change into my Sunday suit. However, I did not.

Boris is still talking about rock-climbing, and it is, at least, one way of wasting a period, [added later:] as I said before.

Divvers, and again we were given no prep. Millner is getting slack.

As only half the class were present at chemistry, we spent most of the time talking about advances in medicine.

The confirmation was dead boring, and served its purpose of taking up a lot of time.

I spent the time after the service working out a linearising circuit for a CRO. Would a choke on the cathode do?

Jimmy gave us an O level paper in maths, of which we were supposed to do the first part. Got full marks!

There was a concert, which Callow and I attended.

Friday, 8 March 1963 KCT
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Double latin always has an ominous sound about it, but today all we did was watch Kingcup curse Masheder, Brunt and other spineless Philistines.

Poop was adventurous in physics, and tried an experiment to show various properties of liquids. The number of people who thought that the water in a large portion of the tube would force the water in the narrow section over the top!

In double art, I enjoyed myself by sloshing poster paint on to paper. Maybe it is a waste of paint, but it is still fun.

In the afternoon, fencing, and during a game of basketball I managed to sprain my right middle finger. At least it got me off games, but it makes it almost impossible to write.

I have been accepted into the choral society, despite the fact that I have only turned up for 2 practices and got my copy, which I ordered last term, in choir practice. It was apparently printed in France.

I spent a fair amount of time reading about various things concerning C.R. Oscilloscopes. Very interesting.

Saturday, 9 March 1963 KCT
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In breakfast this morning, I finally got the components I ordered last week, except for the 884, which they simply did not send, but omitted to refund the money.

In physics, Poop did not see fit to turn up, and so we spent most of the time gossiping.

As I am off games, I did not turn up for P.E, and revised the CRO position. Most pleasant.

Maths was Algebra, and Jimmy reckons that we are no good at fractional equations. He can go to hell.

Divvers was rather boring, and the Chaplain was in a bad mood and actually gave Hargrave a drill.

French was, as usual, annoying, although I at least had the chance to squash popsy flat.

In the afternoon, I stayed outside for a while working out how to design the vertical amplifiers of the cro. It works out most satisfactorily.

As normal, Callow and I spent the time after 4.30 gorging in the tuck shop, and we quite enjoyed ourselves, becoming fully gegorged.

We were joined by Green at about 5, but I soon retired to the fort.

Roll call was at 6, as there was a block exeat to see “El Cid”.

I worked out the vert. Amp. gain in second prep. Very good.

Sunday, 10 March 1963 KCT
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Today started by my meeting Callow going to the cycle sheds to return his corps uniform, and we spent most of the time talking about beam balances, weights, and how to build a balance. We were soon joined by Green, and we stayed together until chapel.

After chapel, we were talking as usual, outside Skivs study, with Rees in the company as well. Soon Poop came by, I opened the door for him, and commented on the fact that he did not thank me. He returned immediately, and told us that it looked pretty horrible, us hanging about in the front of the new block, and “hoppit” in as many words. We then changed the discussion to politics and sardines until lunch.

After lunch, we seperated, Rees and I talking about how to make sodium, and in general, chemistry, while Callow & Green about ancient history. We rejoined for the walk, and then continued to the front hall.

After tea, roll call, etc, . I tried to do some work in the common room, but was dragged out by Callow talking about balances again, and so we went until 5.45, and then to emergency choir practice.

After supper, I wrote a letter, and then enlisted Green's help to tidy up my scob. We then went stargazing.

Monday, 11 March 1963 KCT
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Today was one of the most depressing days I have known. To start with, it was pouring with rain, and the atmospheric pressure was also depressed.

The first period, french, did nothing to help this. I only hope the rumours going round that Popsy is leaving us in the Michealmas are true.

They weren't.

Latin did not help, Kingcup telling us how to do prose translations into latin. Can't go to sleep, yet so boring.

In maths, as I thought, only one person got them all right, but as I copied 2 of them down wrong, I think it was a bit unfair.

In chemistry, Clod told us that we should shortly be starting a volumetric analysis, and was, as usual, a bit apprehensive.

PE, as I was off games, was spent in the library doing a scope circuit, and cathode follower.

Corps did not make the day any more pleasant, especially as we were only really filling in time. In the second period, we had a quiz, during which Hobbs thought that I was cheating, and promptly removed 10 marks.

The same thing happened in German, but it turned out to be Wright, who went and owned up.

Greens physics prep, as everybody elses, seemed to show absolute zero as -190°C.

Tuesday, 12 March 1963 KCT
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Algebra first today, and for once I got fairly high marks (40%, but that was the standard).

Deutsch was with Millner, and a Deutsch judge in the back sitting with Tyson, who was fuming his head off at Millner's use of 'ss' instead of 'ß'.

English was rock climbing again, but it was not without its disadvantages - we had to do a descriptive prep.

Latin was Acta Diurna, and we barely did 10 lines before the bell went - such is our pace.

Double physics was a demonstration by Poop on the specific gravity of paraffin, and it just goes to show his unscientific nature, which can be proved by his results, which were about 80% accurate.

In the afternoon, Walker was telling me that he intended to come to Netherton next holiday, in order that he might grab a girl.

Then a shearing, and back again to some 5A types testing Walkers IQ, which they reckon to be about 10-15.

Clarinet lesson, and practice for the music scholarship. Not too difficult.

French was as annoying as ever. Prep was okay, and I worked out a method for finding absolute zero in seconds.

Wednesday, 13 March 1963 KCT
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Double chemistry first today, and we were doing the equivalent of copper/aluminium, Clod method of displacement. I took a hell of a long time, and Howlett got it into his head to try and do it by himself. As he had not the foggiest idea how to go about it, it was rather annoying, especially as he insisted on the wrong technique.

English, and Boris went through our essays, and apparently thought mine fairly good, just because I did not forget to tell where to start. I mean to say its common sense.

Maths was not as usual, but he did show us the ratio theorem.

The choral society was supposed to go to St. Audries today, and so I got my exeat ready, went to the tuckshop at about 2.30 (it was a free day) and gorged until 3.10, when I borrowed Callows cap and got prepared with Requiem [?], etc.

We got there, had tea, stared at the girls, and then started singing. I have never heard so much giggling in all my life. They seem to have no discipline. After the practice we noticed some girls in a front study and started waving the them. They started waving back!

Horrocks called us to the Alf. study for a school rules test, but postponed until tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 March 1963 KCT
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Double deutsch today. It seems funny, somehow, but nothing of interest ever happens in it. Admittedly, Tyson asked me what books I read, and the whole class had a laugh at the name “Vogels” except Dawson, who had heard of it.

English was in Big school, and we had, of all things, a word test on Typhoon.

However it was not as boring as it might seem.

Divinity was the next period, and that was in the Woodard lower.

Chemistry was a practical, as we had not yet finished, and Clod told me off for not putting anything in the evaporating basin, although the reaction had finished. Anyway, we didn't finish this time either.

After lunch, I was supposed to go for the third school rules test, but Horrocks did not turn up, and I proceeded to talk with Green until 3 pm, being once rudely interrupted by Tyson abut “still talking science”.

After that, I went down to the wireless club, and read some books until about 3.20.

I then proceeded to adjust the design of the power supply to the MT1AT transformers that mum had accidentally ordered instead of the MT2AT's that I thought I had specified.

Maths, and theorems as usual.

Friday, 15 March 1963 KCT
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While I was getting dressed this morning, I heard rumours that Kingcup was sick, and this was confirmed when Mansell came in, told us that we were fools and gave us tome work to do while Jimmy Edwards watched us make fools of ourselves.

In physics, Poop demonstrated the hares apparatus about which Rees had been talking last Sunday. He also told us that Clod would be taking us, supposedly, for Physics first period tomorrow.

Double art was modern again, and most people seem to agree that it is a success at last. Tried to do a smaller version, but without much success.

In the afternoon, Sarge put me off fencing as my finger still felt pretty horrible. As a result, I had to go for a walk, but despite exhortations and threats by prefects, I did not get far, and was back pretty soon.

I noticed, when I got back, that Green was away in the library studying and thus went off with Callow and started talking about some profane subject or another. Green was looking for Tyson after tea to remind him to take a list of english strong verbs to Deutsch, and he did too, nor did he forget to tell them to us. Cleave is a real stinker - about 20 possibilities.

Saturday, 16 March 1963 KCT
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Early this morning, as we were looking through the times, Prowse came up to me and dumped a very dense and heavy parcel into my arms. This I perceived to be a couple of M12AT transformers, nor was I wrong. They are of the same type as the one in my radio power supply.

Also, I got a letter from Mrs Baudouy containing 30/- in postal orders, which was convenient.

As I suspected, Clod called us into the senior chemistry lab. and despite Atkinson's requests about Boyle's law, went on with chemistry. Our result was miles out, but I think it is because Howlett recorded our result wrongly. I made the wt of Al 0.82 g, he makes it 0.88. The corresponding equivalents are 9.02 and 7.87.

The correct value is 9.00.

In the afternoon we were supposed to go for a walk, but my shoes sprung a leak, with the result that I went to the tuckshop, whereupon it stared to pour with rain, and went in to find several less lucky soaked.

After roll call, as usual, to the tuckshop, but Brunt made an infernal nuisance of himself, and was lucky not to be bumped off, although he nearly was.

After supper, I went to do some music practice, and quite enjoyed myself, although Popsy interfered half way.

Sunday, 17 March 1963 KCT
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Today was uneventful. After breakfast, when I got down to the Common room, I decided to draw up a new periodic table. However something went wrong, and in the end I gave up, just in time for chapel.

For once, we had a decent hymn - 212, St Paddy's breastplate. Really worth singing.

After chapel, I decided to write some letters, but Rose had other ideas. He dragged me down to room 26, and got Mr. Ravenor to pick the lock for me, and then we got going. Not bad, really, but rather boring music.

After lunch, among other things, I decided to tidy up my scob, and among other things, put magazines, etc, on the top shelf, and school books down on the bottom shelf.

As it was raining we were allowed in after 2.30, and I spent this time redoing the CRO power circuit, but like everything else, it did not seem to work out.

The film was “Rear Window” by Alfred Hitchcock, and it lived up to its reputation.

After the film, during which 6 people had been sitting on our bench, including Brunt, Brunt came along and said he would be prepared to let me pay “1/2” - half of 3/- for the dry cleaning of his suit. Also Callow told me the truth about what happened on the night when he and 2 [i.e. his twin brother Nigel Callow ii] got “drunk”.

Monday, 18 March 1963 KCT
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St. Gabriel's day

What is it about Mondays that makes them so unpleasant? It is always the same.

French does not help, of course, though Ben Weed says that Popsy and Clod were resigning their housemasterships, and Popsy was going for less strenuous work. I hope that means giving up 3A.

Mansell came into latin today, and told us all off for a disgusting bit of work. Kingcup agreed with him throuroughly, as always.

Maths was rather uneventful, but I did not do too well.

Clod was, as usual, absent for most of chemistry, and I got plenty of time to finish writing up my practical.

PE was basketball, and while one team was playing, Morely and I attempted to climb “Gym Hights”, bt Morely got himself stuck in a chimney.

Corps was some films about first aid, but it also showed how god the Canadian radio equipment was HRO-60 , BR88P, etc. Despite the fact that Jones and I had to replace chairs, we still got off before tea, and I decided on how to build a linear for a fairly low power modulated oscillator.

German was in room 28, and will be there again tomorrow - no chairs in 25.

Tuesday, 19 March 1963 KCT
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Today, the GCE trials began with the result that there were a couple of room changes.

Algebra first, and we spent the time doing some problems, or trying to — stinking.

Deutsch was in the same room - all we had to do was to rearrange ourselves. Got the highest mark in yesterdays Deutsch test.

Double physics was another demonstration, and we noticed a vacuum pump with which Poop managed to do some interesting experiments. One of the first days when he managed to do something decent.

After lunch, I tried to swap clarinet lessons with Rose, but unfortunately he had an exam at my clarinet time, and so could not change. Fortunately, it was raining, and thus a free day, and just as well I didn't change.

English was about rock-climbing, as usual, and quite interesting while it lasted.

French was annoying, although I did manage to get away for a clarinet lessen after I got 30%. As I expected, Popsy called me to his study after. Got to go and see him on thursday & know it properly.

Wednesday, 20 March 1963 KCT
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Double chemistry first today, and was titration of a .092N solution of Na₂CO₃ against HCl. Howlett & I made it a constant 8.8 for 10, and this the normality 0.1045N. After we had finished, and Clod was not there, Risso-Gill tried putting various chemicals in his beaker, with interesting results. Amazing the number of people who thought it would blow up.

Kingcup was in a pretty horrible mood in latin, and I got away from a detention for not bringing my Acta Diurna by the skin of my teeth.

Boris was not feeling too well today, and as a result did not turn up. Unfortunately, Millner came instead, and we barely had a slack period.

Maths was okay, however, and the last lesson of the day.

As Boris was not here, and had the key of the house bank, Skiv gave us an emergency house bank from the bursars supply, but on the understanding that it was emergency, I did not go, nor did I for the same reason get an exeat, but stayed in the common room trying to re-copy out the circuit of the communications receiver (52) which I had been sent this morning. The actual thing is supposed to follow in 10-14 days-just in time for the holidays. Bloody complicated circuit, though.

Thursday, 21 March 1963 KCT
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Double deutsch always finds me with mixed feelings, for some reason. I wonder why. Tyson gave us another nouns sheet today. He seems to have them on the brain. The periods were in room 25, but with an emergency furniture supply, but not as bad as they usually are in room 28.

Millner for English again today, and he carried on with the figures of speech which he started yesterday. Not really all that boring, come to think of it.

After break, fortunately, we had the chaplain - two Millner after each other would be unbearable. He will not, however, be turning up on Saturday, but nor will Millner. Might be doing a paraphrase of the Epistle to the Romans.

In the afternoon were there some house matches, but I could not persuade Green to join me in watch them, and I spent all the time talking to Rees, and learnt a lot. However, Callow came along fairly soon and we started talking about the subscription concert. Rees is not coming, however.

Owing to the subscription concert, however, prep finished at 6.45, and we went down to it [illegible] directly after supper. Jiri Ropek is bloody good.

Callow reckons spring is in the air: He is getting a lot filthier.

Friday, 22 March 1963 KCT
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Double latin first two periods this morning, and in room 28. Kingcup must be going soft in the head, or may only be the effect of room 28 on him. Anyway, he tried to set some Jacquetian type sentences to please us. Just goes to show what type of a mind he has!

In physics, Poop showed us the experiment to verify Boyles law that Clod showed us last week. It was, however, only a demonstration, Poop obviously not trusting us with so much mercury. It seems to be fairly true, however, at least within experimental error.

Double art was a nuisance, as Lyons Wilson did not turn up, and we had no acess to paints, nor did I bring anything to read.

In the afternoon, I volunteered for the pit, and emptied about half a ton of muck out of the pit and got well and truly filthy, and as a result had to go up to the dormitory to change my trousers.

In the evening, french was, of all places, in our own common room, and we did not for once have to wait outside until Popsy came. I utilized this time doing my diary.

Deutsch was a test on the words we were supposed to learn while we were watching Jiří Ropek doing his bit. I only hope that I get a decent mark in it.

[Different writing]: Chewed my pen to pieces in prep.

Saturday, 23 March 1963 KCT
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Double physics this morning was a revision for the test on Tuesday. Poop obviously doesn't want to go on to anything new while the other mob are having their quiet morning.

P.E. was with Sarge, but it was just the basketball that we usually have on fencing days.

Maths was on with the algebra problems that we started last time, and I got on a lot better than last time. My genius showeth forth at last (ahem!).

Divinity was a test paper, not the paraphrase of the Romans that I had expected, and to crown all, the remains of my pen ran out of ink as soon as I tried to start.

Popsy next - what more to say?

In afternoon, to get out of games, I volunteered for the pit, and discovered that I was allowed to go when I felt like it, and accordingly left at 3.25, just in time for end of games time when I found Green, Callow and Rees arguing about whether Greek or Roman art was better. Rees must be mad. Greek is better any day.

After roll call, the usual, and Green came as well. Nothing much of interest happened - Callow and Green were talking coins most of the time.

Sunday, 24 March 1963 KCT
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Today was as normal a day as ever. I was reading about linear amplifiers in bed, and then about the circuit diagram of the comm. receiver.

After breakfast I busied myself reading the same type of thing, and then tried to finish off the communications receiver diagram, which was not finished by chapel, in which there were some good hymns.

Wind band was a compulsory turn up, all who wished to abstain to see Craven with a good excuse. As a result we got about a 50% attendance, which is pretty good for the wind band. Because there were only 3 clarinets, I was given the repiano clarinet part for the Sullivan collection. Really something to get your teeth into.

When copying this, I assumed that “repiano” was a misspelling of “ripieno”, but it seems that repiano is an attested variant spelling, so maybe that was really what was written on the parts. To quote the OED, which explicitly mentions ”repiano”:

The forms in -piano apparently show misapprehensions of the Italian term (or identification of Italian e with post-Great-Vowel-Shift a in pane , cane , etc.), rather than influence of Italian piano (see piano adv., n.1, and adj.); they are now chiefly found in the context of brass bands (compare quots. 1933, 1954, 2001 at sense A. 1).

After lunch we went to the front hall and did more on the receiver, but soon finished and stared arguing about rheostats and potentiometers, and this argument carried on through the walk.

After roll all, back to the front hall, and I stared to design a power supply when in came Mr. Callow with a Seabys [?] bulletin in hand, but unfortunately nothing much of interest.

After supper, I was thinking about masts for aerials, and came across 36 for 9··10··0.

Monday, 25 March 1963 KCT
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We were supposed to get up at 8.15 today for the Lady day service, but the bell did not go, and we did not get up until 8.40, when I got washed, dressed, and out in 4½ minutes flat. Whew!

After breakfast and bedmaking we had to robe up almost immediately, which was rather a nuisance. The service itself was alright, especially as we missed french and latin.

Maths, however, we did not escape, and I did not do too well in it. However, we had some oral tests, in which I did fairly well.

Chemistry was after break, and we had plenty of time to finish our writeup on the Na₂CO₃ experiment.

P.E. was basketball gain, unfortunately. However, as a prize for losing, we were let off 10 minutes early.

Corps was more fieldcraft, and dead boring, being mainly signals from the leader.

As there was an important choral society meeting tonight, I went to Tyson to ask him to let me off. He tested me on my prep and decided it was not good enough, and told me to come to Deutsch.

After french, according to order, I turned up for Deutsch, and was promptly tested, accepted and let me go. Eventually sat down next to Johnson, but no girls were present.

Tuesday, 26 March 1963 KCT
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After breakfast today I got my scob in a beautiful mess, and as a result had little time to do anything else.

Maths as all right, as I got nearly everything right. Jimmy then wen on to give us some simultaneous equations, in which I was not much less successful.

In Deutsch, Tyson spent some time about some sheet or another with parts of the Gospel in Deutsch. Poor fellow.

Despite the prep last night, Kingcup did not test us on it, but gave us some notes on conditional clauses.

Double physics was as promised of old, a test, in which I got, to my surprise, 48/60 (80%) and came 5th. 3 of those ahead of me were in the Meynell. Funny, eh[added later]?, especially as here are only 6 Meynells in the form.

In the afternoon I went for a walk to Stoke, under the impression that it would not take long. Ah well, one can always learn. On the way back, to rub salt into the wound, Priestley made a flipping nuisance of himself. No manners whatsoever.

Has 40 lines due in by lunchtime today, and started them at 3.40. Finished them in half an hour flat.

“40 lines” was a punishment entailing writing out one of a selection from the school rules. Everybody chose the shortest, of course, about ⅔ a page of print. I'm surprised that it took me that long, but then I don't write by hand any more.

Clarinet lesson from 6.0 - 6.30 today, and went over the repiano [ripieno] clarinet part for the wind band. In the evening, I decided I would have to see the chaplain about the Provost's Prize.

Wednesday, 27 March 1963 KCT
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Clod was away today, and as the headmaster was also away, Popsy took the prayers.

Chemistry was oxalic acid with NaOH. Vodden (who took us) reckons that the formula of oxalic acid was not (COOH)₂. However, when Honeybourne came in for the next period, he made the formula COOH . COOH, and all was well.

In latin, Kingcup went on with his conditional clauses, and then, for prep, gave us some more “Jacquetian” type sentences. He just does not realize that his sentences are full of peace, whereas Jacquet's are full of violence.

Boris brought in a map of von Manstein's campaigns in Russia in the winter of 1942 for some reason or another. What it has to do with english I do not know.

In the afternoon, east wing small [our dormitory] were moved out of the east wing and into the Alfred [King Alfred house] dormitories in order that some sick Alfreds could use it as a temporary san. However, Green was back in the single room where he was last term. Quite a nice place, really.

There was supposed to be a choral society meeting complete with girls, but it was postponed, and too late, so I finished off the circuit of the communications receiver, and tidied up my scob. Nevertheless, I had my desk in a filthy mess in first prep. Read Suetonius in second.

Thursday, 28 March 1963 KCT
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I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

In the middle of double Deutsch this morning, Skiv walked in and asked if there were any east-wingers there, and sent me along to big school, where waited Akhavan telling me that we would be in the Woodard [house] main [dormitory], and soon Skiv came along and made our worst fears realized. And me sleeping next to Hollier. Akhavan, however, is sleeping next to Woytek. Poor Woytek.

In rest, I read of a few interesting antennarum [Latin genitive plural of “antenna”], including some verticals.... 74 ft of copper tubing, and some wire, and that's all we need.

In the afternoon was the steeplechase, and the wireless club set up some VHF links along the path, which gave an interesting commentary on the whole thing, and told us that Daw was gradually getting the lead, and eventually did come in first.

In the seniors, our house also did fairly well, and the overall verdict was that we had won the steeplechase cup (great cheers, as all the past 15 years, Fox [Bishop Fox house] had won it).

In the evening, I was barricaded from all sides for my chemistry book, which Ede had asked me to bring up. Lights out was at about 9.50.

Friday, 29 March 1963 KCT
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People seem to be going down thick and fast with flu. Robinson III went down with it this morning before breakfast, and Woytek got a bit annoyed because he had not made his bed.

Doble latin found Kingcup doing all the work himself, although he did find enough reason to give Hallett a detention.

When double physics came along it appeared that Poop was sick, and Jimmy took us giving us some work to do which he reasoned would take us all the period and a double prep as well. However, I finished it halfway through the period.

Double art, and Tliger [?] let us do whatever we felt like doing, and I promptly designed a power supply.

After lunch, feeling pretty lousy, I went over to the san, discovered that my temperature was 37.78° [clearly converted from 100.0° Fahrenheit], and was promptly shoved in the waiting room, where Rosser I, Zebedee, Robinson III, etc, had been waiting all morning. However, I was only there half an hour, and was then shoved upstairs, where I was bored stiff, until Green came along with various books which I had asked Lyes to ask him to bring for me. When I was not feeling to sick to read, I carried on reading the handbook, etc.

Saturday, 30 March 1963 KCT
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I woke up this morning feeling a lot better, and went to the fort, where my strength drained out of me as did the urine, and I recovered leaning against the wall, and staggered back to the ward, where I discovered that my temperatures was up to 38.9. No wonder I was feeling lousy.

A couple of patient changes occurred this morning, with the result that we now have in the ward Atkinson, Gladwell, Marke and myself.

I spent all morning waiting for Green to turn up with some books, but to no avail, and so I started to design a power supply on the lines of yesterdays one, and it is probably much better. Gladwell seems shocked that I should waste my time on such trash.

In the afternoon, after lunch, I discovered why Green did not turn up with my books - he is in the next ward. As a result, I made a supreme effort, and got up, and went over to the ward in which he was in, and discovered Walker there as well. At least they had brought something with them to read, etc. I spent some time in there talking to them, but sister decided to make summer time start this evening, and lights went out at 7.30. Disgusted, I went over to the fort, and read some details on linear amplifiers.

Sunday, 31 March 1963 KCT
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BST begins

No allowances made for BST in holidays

After breakfast this morning I went into the ward where Green was, and started a conversation about various subjects, during which time Walker and I exchanged addresses.

Soon Jones appeared with Hill's bundle, and we persuaded him to get us some things, which he did with relative efficiency. When he had gone, we notices that the handle had fallen off the window. Typical shoddy Pommie workmanship, as both Walker and Green agreed.

Then Walker started an argument about whether ³√2 = 8 or not. He is thick, but it gave me a chance to try the old formula proving 1 = 2.

Nobody in either dormitory could work out where it went wrong, and I had to tell them. Then Marke [spelling?] tore his paper up and made a one sided piece of paper, when cut down the middle, made a single strip of paper.

Yes, this doesn't make sense, but it's what I wrote

In the middle of this, the Chaplain came in and gave me permission to finish my Provost's prize in the holidays. Everybody was doing so, apparently.

Main took it on himself to turn out the lights, but Rose came in fairly soon after and started a conversation about masters [teachers] in general and Mike Jordan in particular. However, after a while, feeling hungry, we decided to raid the larder, and this we did quite sucessfully.

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