Greg's diary
January 1974
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This page was entered from my paper diary on 13 April 2017.

Thursday, 31 January 1974 LB
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What is it that seems to attract complications to me? Am I really that different to other people? Hardly is one thing not quite sorted out, and the next has already happened. Today after our above-average frustrating day, I came and found Woglinde [my Citroën Dyane] lying concertinaed where Ieft her this morning, having been rammed by a post van about an hour before. Looks like it'll be the end of her - but I have loved thee, Woglinde! And then I came home and discover that the Dresdner Bank has made its monthly cockup and paid out money that they never should have; and still no cheque card, after nearly 6 weeks, instead a little leaflet asking me if I have applied for one yet. „Dresdner Bank. Wir haben Zeit für Sie“. Und nützen sie offenbar voll aus!

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